Friday, November 9, 2012

What to do when you get smurf hands?!?!?!?

 First step is - DON'T FREAK OUT! (I may have, just a little....)

Ok, so i was so excited to get my very first Wet n Wilds sent to me from the US. When i tried Teal of Fortune it looked amazing. 

Now i got super frustrated because EVERY picture i took turned out blue..... It is a teal green...... So annoying.......

See the green/teal look in the middle of the bottle in the picture below? That's as close as i could get.....

 So now i wanted to try something else on....... 20 mins of scrubbing with remover, 10 mins scrubbing with dish washing liquid mixed with sugar (it hurts after a while...), and countless times washing with soap and a nail brush......... I was left with this..........

SMURF HANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanted to cry....... But as i was taking my waterproof mascara off, i thought i would try my eye makeup remover (the ones with the 2 different liquids that you have to shake together) with my hands
, and it worked :) My nails were still a bit blue, and all my hangnails look really blue and even more ripped from all the scrubbing earlier, but my skin was stain free!!!!!

So in the in can i say that Wet n Wild - Teal of Fortune was worth the smurf hands????? I don't think so :( I loved the colour so much, but the staining is just nuts. I have NEVER had this happen before. I hope it never will again :)