Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Essence Breaking Dawn part 2 Collection with Swatches!

I am so excited!!!!! I have being stalking my local Target stores waiting for this colloction..... If you dont like glitter, i suggest you look away for the entire post :p

I now present The Essence Breaking Dawn part 2 Collection *insert parade music*

I have done swatches of everything but the polishes. They will come over the next few days :)

First up the Lip glosses. They smell AMAZING! Might not be to everyones tastes (or smells lol) but its more of a rich berry maybe? Anyways it smells more grown up than lipsmackers, and there is no plastic smell. Win-Win for me :)
My favourite is 02 Renesmee Red, so so pretty! It makes my lips look fuller and more red/pink, but in a natural way, not scary at all!
Now 01 Alice Had A Vision - Again is not your average glitter gloss. The violet/black tone in it is almost gothic. Looks very subtle but still quite vampy on the lips. This is def going to be a fav for going out me thinks!
Glitter in both of these of course :)

Next up is the glitter eyeliners. I was a little disappointed at first that these were infact in a clear base :( But thinking about it i guess being clear means you can get more use out of it. It took 4 thick swipes to get it this intense, however i think it pays off in the end.
My camera was going nuts trying to figure out what to do with all the sparkles lol! Its one you need to see in person to see the true sparkle.
This is 02 Jacob's Protection (blue) and 01 Alice Had A Vision - Again (smokey purple)

Last for the swatches today is the lipstick in 01 A Piece Of Forever, the blush in 01 Renesmee Red, and the pigment is 02 Alice Had A Vision - Again.
I had a crazy hard time trying to get a good swatch of the pigment, ugh! I gave up after about 30 odd photos. It it an amazing colour. You put it on, and it looks really purple, but as you swipe and blend it, it does this amazing thing where is smokes up on its own. So it ends up been this intense glitterbomb of vampy, smokey purple!
The blush is not pigmented at all. This swatch was 4 hard swipes with my finger to get this colour. And i am so happy about that! It seemed so dark in the shop, i almost didnt get it. But the name won me over :p So in the end it is a very wearable colour :)
This lippy is gorgeous. It washes me out a bit on its own, but looks amazing over an orange lippy. Even looked good and dressed up a crappy nude lippy i have. Sadly no amazing smell in this one though. But no strong plastic smell.

Look at that glitter! Not even close to how amazing the pigment looks in real life :)

Wow, that was one huge post!
Hope someone finds it helpful. Its offical launch date in Australia is the 1st of Nov, but you might get lucky and find early like i did :p


  1. Nice haul....it looks so exciting, I blogged about this last week too. They also have some other new ranges coming out, including Snow White, which looks amazing!

    Btw, I have a small giveaway on my new blog, feel free to enter:

    1. Thanks for stopping in :)
      Yep Snow White is meant to come out in Australia later this year i think? Will be buying most of that collection too :)

  2. IT'S OUT!?

    1. I would run to your nearest Target cause i am sure it going to sell out fast!

  3. I love this collection :) <3
    Visit my blog, please :)