Thursday, December 15, 2011

Max Factor - Boji, Opal, Onyx

We had a blackout here earlier, so i thought i would do a quick swatch of the Max Factor nail polishes i got in my GWP tin. I am suprised at how much i liked all of them. 3 coats were needed for Onyx and Boji, and 4 for Opal. I could have got away with 1 less coat on all of them if i had given them a few more mins to dry between coats. Boji leans a little more purple than in my pictures, Opal is more of a pearl colour and much less grey than my picture, and Onyx is just a gorgeous shiny black. Don't mind the big ding in the Onyx swatch, im so clumsy >.<
Max Factor - Boji
Max Factor - Opal
Max Factor - Onyx


  1. Yeah me too Fab! I still have all 3 on like a rainbow mani. With a blue i put under Dorothy Who? from China Glaze on my index finger, and my thumb with nothing on it :O Im putting on my Christmas mani today though :) Thanks for commenting.

  2. Nice! Boji reminds me of ChG Channelesque and all its dupe-y sisters.

  3. Do you by any chance know of another nail polish that resembles [and looks like] Maxfactor Opal. Me and my friend love it but can't find it anywhere :(

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