Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine Nail Color

I know that the title has colour spelt wrong, but its the way it is written on the bottle, lol. So now that is explained, on to the pretty polish :)

I got this polish from my local chemist for $2.99 :) It goes on like a dream, very easy to apply, and doesnt stink after it has dried. Unlike a lot of other Sally Hansen polishes.
The colour i got was 02 Iris.        

                                                                      Inside with flash

This is quite true to its colour in real life. Such a rich and warm colour. I really do love it :)

I have internet!

So i have had a bit of a slow start to my blogging with some serious internet issues, ugh! But i have it all sorted now (i hope.....) so i am all good to go. I have taken HEAPS of pictures of shiny things to show off here, so will be posting heaps in the next few days :)

Have a Shiny Day :)